High Performance Air Tool Oils

PETRONAS ATO Series are high performance air tool oils specially developed for a range of pneumatically operated rock drills in underground and surface mining.
Formulated with high quality selected mineral base oils enhanced with advanced anti-wear, anti- rust, anti-oxidant and anti-foam additives, PETRONAS ATO oils provide excellent anti-wear, metal wetting properties, adhesiveness, fog and emulsion control. The fog generation is kept at minimum and is non-toxic.


PETRONAS ATO Series are recommended for use in:

  • pneumatically operated rock drills in underground and surface mining
  • percussion and rotary air-operated tools


Prevents detonation and carbon deposits

Reduces sludge and deposit formation, improving valve operation

Excellent anti-wear protection

Protects equipment components from excessive wear and provides longer equipment life

Low temperature protection

Ensures proper protection of equipment components during cold starts and prevents tool downtime due to icing

Excellent fog control

Due to low fog generation thereby improving quality and safety working environment