Premium Performance Bio and Landfill Gas Engine Oils

PETRONAS Geo BLG Series are premium performance bio and landfill gas engine oils specially developed for bio and landfill applications.

Formulated with the highest quality selected mineral base oils enhanced with advanced anti-wear, anti-oxidant, detergent, dispersant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives, PETRONAS Geo BLG oils provide excellent anti-wear protection, excellent TBN retention, reduced combustion chamber deposits, low oil consumption and extra protection against landfill gas*.

PETRONAS Geo BLG Series meet or exceed key OEM requirements.

*Landfill gases are essentially composed of methane and contain a lot of impurities like halogens, siloxane and sulphur, which can harm gas engines.


PETRONAS Geo BLG Series are recommended for use in:

  • landfill gas engines containing moderate levels of halogens, siloxanes and sulphur
  • spark ignited four-stroke cycle gas engines where low oil consumption is required
  • high output landfill gas engines operating at or in excess of rated capacity under high temperatures


High resistance to sludging

High piston and engine cleanliness for long, efficient operation and reduced overhaul costs

Excellent anti-wear and anti-scuff protection

Protects engine from excessive wear and scuffing, providing long equipment life

Excellent detergent and dispersant performance

Protects valve train components, reduces ash and carbon deposits in combustion chambers and neutralizes formation of acids in the oil

High oxidation and nitration stability

High oxidation and nitration which minimizes oil thickening particularly under liner air/fuel ratios and resist oil filter blockage