Extreme Pressure Lithium Complex Grease

PETRONAS Grease LiX EP 2/380 is an extreme pressure Lithium complex grease specifically developed for high temperature general purpose industrial applications.

Formulated with selected mineral base oils enhanced with Lithium Complex soap, advanced extreme pressure, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor additives, PETRONAS Grease LiX EP 2/380 provides excellent load carrying capabilities, high resistance to water wash-out, even at elevated temperatures.

PETRONAS Grease LiX EP 2/380 meets or exceeds key industrial and automotive specifications.

PETRONAS Grease LiX EP 2/380 is recommended for use in:

  • large plain and anti-friction bearings and applications requiring a high temperature lithium complex grease such as slides, cams and bearings in wet environments
  • centralized lubrication systems of industrial applications

Note: PETRONAS Grease LiX EP 2/380 is recommended for operating temperature range of -20°C to +160°C.


Very good pumpability

Very good performance where bearings are lubricated through metering blocks and automatic systems

Excellent adhesive and cohesive properties

Excellent grease tenacity which helps reduce leakage and extend re-lubrication intervals, reducing maintenance costs

Excellent load carrying capacity

Contains special EP additives which enables the grease to withstand heavy loads without losing the lubricant film

High rust & corrosion protection

Protect bearing surfaces against corrosion, even when the grease is contaminated with water