Synthetic Lithium Complex Grease

PETRONAS Grease LiX SYN 1/1500 is a synthetic Lithium complex grease specially developed for heavily loaded bearings in low speed applications, at elevated temperatures, in wet and corrosive environments.

Formulated with high viscosity synthetic base oils enhanced with Lithium complex soap, advanced extreme pressure, anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor additives. PETRONAS Grease LiX SYN 1/1500 provides excellent temperature performance, load carrying capabilities, wear protection, resistance to vibrations and shock loads, high degree of mechanical stability enhances the performance in vibrating housings and prolongs relubrication intervals.

PETRONAS Grease LiX SYN 1/1500 meets or exceeds key industrial specifications.


PETRONAS Grease LiX SYN 1/1500 is recommended for use in:

  • Bearings operating at extremely low speeds, under heavy loads, and at high temperatures

Note: PETRONAS Grease FG is recommended for operating temperature range of -30°C to +150°C.


High pumpability

High performance where low temperature performance is required

Excellent load carrying capacity

Contains special EP additives which enables the grease to withstand heavy loads without losing the lubricant film

Shock load protection

Reduced wear under heavy or shock loading and vibration providing equipment reliability

Anti-wear protection

Protects equipment components from excessive wear and provides long equipment life