High Performance Heat Transfer Fluids

PETRONAS HTO Series are high performance heat transfer fluids specially developed for open and enclosed heat transfer systems operating at high bulk oil temperatures.
Formulated with high quality selected mineral base oils enhanced with advanced anti-oxidant and detergent additives, PETRONAS HTO fluids provide high anti-oxidant protection and detergency to eliminate build-up and deposits.


PETRONAS HTO Series fluids are recommended for use in:

  • open and enclosed circulated heat transfer systems
  • petroleum product processing
  • rubber, textile and plastics industries
  • solar energy heat transfer and storage


Excellent heat transfer rates

Maintains excellent thermal conductivity which improves system efficiency

High thermal and oxidation stability

Provides high oxidation stability at elevated temperatures and avoid thermal cracking up 315°C*
Minimizes sludge and acid formation

High compatibility with most seal and elastomers

Compatible with most seals and elastomers, which prevents oil leaks and contamination due to seal erosion