Supreme Performance Anti-wear Circulating Oils

PETRONAS Circula SYN Series are supreme performance anti-wear circulating oils specially developed for circulating systems operating under normal to extremely heavy duty conditions. Formulated with synthetic base oils enhanced with advanced anti-oxidant, anti-wear, anti-rust and anti-foam additives, PETRONAS Circula SYN oils provide excellent anti-wear protection under toughest operating conditions, excellent water separability, excellent resistance to sludge formation, high thermal and oxidation stability for more than 4x longer lasting performance*.

*vs. minimum requirements of ISO 11158 HV fluids based on TOST (ASTM D943)


PETRONAS Circula SYN Series are recommended for use in:

  • circulating systems for paper machine dryer bearings, calendars, winders, enclosed gear drives, large anti-friction and journal bearings
  • light to moderately loaded gear systems, such as spur, helical, herringbone and bevel gear applications

Note: PETRONAS Circula SYN cannot be used in spiral bevel, hypoid or worm gear applications.


Excellent thermal and oxidation stability

Maintains performance levels under high temperatures and pressure, enabling long oil drain intervals

Excellent anti-wear protection

Protects equipment components from excessive wear and provides longer equipment life

Excellent resistance to sludging

Excellent cleanliness for sludge free circulating systems

Excellent water separability

Due to excellent water separability the system is protected from water degenerative effects, maintaining circulating system efficiency at required level and reducing maintenance costs