High Temperature Organophilic Bentonite Grease with Solid Lubricant

PETRONAS Grease CLAY MEP is a high temperature Organophilic Bentonite grease with solid lubricant specially developed for industrial equipment where the capability of conventional greases may be exceeded by either continuous high temperature or cyclic conditions ranging from normal to extremely high temperatures.

Formulated with selected mineral base oils enhanced with Organophilic Bentonite clay thickened, advanced anti-oxidant, anti-rust, Molybdenum Disulphide, and corrosion inhibitor additives.

PETRONAS Grease CLAY MEP provides excellent high temperature performance and high shock load capabilities. PETRONAS Grease CLAY MEP meets or exceed key industrial specifications.


PETRONAS Grease CLAY MEP is recommended for use in:

  • lubrication of plain and anti-friction bearings operating continuously between 150°c to 170°C range or under conditions where bearings are repeatedly cycled from normal ambient temperatures to high operating temperatures
  • equipment such as oven conveyors chain bearings, kiln car wheel bearings and paper mill driers and corrugators
  • glass manufacture conveyer belt roller bearings, cams and slideways

Note: PETRONAS Grease CLAY MEP is recommended for operating temperature range of -20°C to +180°C.


Very good pumpability

Very good performance where low temperature performance is required

Excellent anti-wear protection

Protects equipment components from excessive wear at high temperatures and provides long equipment life

Excellent load carrying capacity

Contains special additives which enables the grease to withstand heavy loads without losing the lubricant film

Friction reduction capabilities

Has friction reducing solid additives for extra protection on sliding metal surfaces