High Quality Chainsaw Oil

PETRONAS Chainsaw is a high-quality chainsaw oil specially developed for the lubrication of cutting chains and cutter bars of modern chainsaws.

Formulated with selected mineral base oils enhanced with advanced heavy metal free anti-wear, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and adhesive additives, PETRONAS Chainsaw oil provides high anti-wear, high lubricity and adhesive properties for smooth operation of the chainsaws.


PETRONAS Chainsaw oil is recommended for use in:

  • rotating chains and cutter bars of chainsaws
  • can also be used in lubrication of chainsaws in harvesting equipment


High adherence to metal surfaces

High adherence to chainsaw and cutter bars which ensures reduced oil consumption even at speeds in excess of 20 m/s

High anti-wear protection

Protects chainsaws and cutter bars from excessive wear and provides long equipment life

High rust & corrosion protection

Inhibits the corrosion process that occurs in presence of water, improving equipment life

Low temperature protection

Ensures proper protection of equipment components during cold starts