High Performance Circulating Oil

PETRONAS Circula Mill is high performance circulating oil specially developed for steel mill equipment where MORGOIL® lubricant is recommended.

Formulated with high quality selected mineral base oils enhanced with advanced anti-oxidant, anti-rust and anti-foam additives, PETRONAS Circula Mill oil provides excellent water separability*, high rust and corrosion protection and very good oxidation stability for longer lasting performance.

PETRONAS Circula Mill meet the MORGOIL® Advanced Lubricant Specification.

*better performance compared to typical industrial standards for MORGOIL® Lubricant Specification based on UEC Dynamic Demulsibility Endurance Test


PETRONAS Circula Mill is recommended for use in:

  • MORGOIL® circulating systems requiring high quality circulating oils


Excellent water separability

Due to excellent water separability the system is protected from water degenerative effects, maintaining circulating system efficiency at required level and reducing maintenance costs

Very good oxidation stability

Maintains performance levels under regular temperatures and pressure

High rust & corrosion protection

Inhibits the corrosion process that occurs in presence of water, improving equipment life

Excellent foam stability

Maintains excellent efficiency in circulating systems, ensures smooth operation. Protects the system from air degenerative effects reducing maintenance costs