Premium Performance Railroad Generation 6 Diesel Engine Oil

PETRONAS Genrail SYN 6 series are premium performance railroad diesel engine oils specially developed for use in EMD and GE Engines Generation 6, fitted with silver bearings, requiring a zinc-free lubricant.
Formulated with selected semisynthetic base oils enhanced with advanced detergent/dispersant, anti-wear and anti-oxidant additives, PETRONAS Genrail SYN 6 oils provide advanced dispersant technology which will maximize engine cleanliness and extends oil and filter life, excellent thermal and oxidation stability, with very good TBN retention for extended oil drain intervals.


PETRONAS Genrail SYN 6 Series are recommended for use in:

  • diesel engines using Low Sulphur Diesel or Ultra Low Sulphur Diesel where zinc-free oils are required
  • General Electric and General Motors-EMD locomotive and marine diesel engines requiring a LMOA Generation 6 lubricant


Zinc free Based formula

Protects engine silver parts against corrosion

Excellent detergent and dispersant performance

Combination of detergency and dispersancy ensuring excellent soot handling and engine cleanliness

Excellent thermal and oxidation stability

Excellent protection against oxidation, sludge formation and viscosity control

High anti-wear protection

Protects engines from excessive wear, providing long engine life