Extreme Pressure Lithium Calcium Grease

PETRONAS Grease LiCa MG HL is an extreme pressure Lithium Calcium grease with dual solid additives and film thickening polymers to improve boundary lubrication.

Formulated with selected mineral base oils enhanced with Lithium calcium soap, advanced extreme pressure, anti-oxidant, anti-rust and corrosion inhibitor additives.

PETRONAS Grease LiCa MG HL provides excellent load carrying protection, water washout and spray off resistance in applications operating in wet environments and elevated temperatures. PETRONAS Grease LiCa MG HL meets or exceeds key industrial specifications.


PETRONAS Grease LiCa MG HL is recommended for use in:

  • chassis grease and it is particularly suitable for off-road applications in civil engineering pin and bush lubrication, the agriculture sector and construction vehicles plus equipment
  • slow speed heavy duty industrial plain and anti-friction bearings
  • applications involving oscillating or limited relative motion, where fretting is likely to occur
  • constant velocity joints, machine tools, vibrating shafts and sliding mechanisms

Note: PETRONAS Grease LiCa MG HL is recommended for operating temperature range of -20°C to +130°C.


Excellent pumpability

Excellent performance where low temperature performance is required

Excellent load carrying capacity

Contain special EP additives which enable the grease to withstand heavy shock loads without losing the lubricant film

High rust & corrosion protection

Protect bearing surfaces against corrosion, even when the grease is contaminated with water

High resistance to water wash-out

Equipment protection and good lubrication even in presence of water