Lithium Calcium Industrial Grease

PETRONAS Grease LiCa TMG is a Lithium Calcium grease specially developed for lubricate the traction motor gear cases of all locomotives including the latest high horsepower units.

Formulated with selected semi synthetic base oils enhanced with Lithium Calcium soap, advanced extreme pressure, anti-oxidant, anti-rust, and corrosion inhibitor additives. PETRONAS Grease LiCa TMG provides excellent oxidation stability, high load carrying capabilities, and long-lasting protection over a wide range of environmental conditions and equipment requirements.

PETRONAS Grease LiCa TMG meets or exceeds key industrial specifications and OEM requirements.


PETRONAS Grease LiCa TMG is recommended for use in:

  • traction motor gear cases of all locomotives including the newest, high horsepower units
  • slush pans and open reservoirs of open gear applications of all sizes such found in tube mills and rail car tipplers. Can also be used in various enclosed gear cases used throughout industry
  • services ranging from small, lightly loaded open gears of machine tools or small presses to heavily loaded gears such as those of cement and other rotary mills, shovels, plastic or rubber mills and large presses
  • application at high temperatures up to 120°C heavy loads and low speeds.

Note: PETRONAS Grease TMG is recommended for operating temperature range of -20°C to +120°C. Short term exposure up to 150°C.


Excellent pumpability

Excellent performance where low temperature performance is required

Excellent load carrying capacity

Contains special additives which enables the grease to withstand heavy loads without losing the lubricant film

Excellent rust & corrosion protection

Protects metal surfaces against corrosion, even when the grease is contaminated with water

Excellent resistance to water wash-out

Equipment protection and good lubrication even in presence of water