PETRONAS Syntium 7000 LL 0W-20

PETRONAS Syntium 7000 LL 0W-20

Designed for Ultimate Performance of Environmentally Friendly Engines


PETRONAS Syntium 7000 LL 0W-20 is specially designed to meet the demanding requirements of high-performance engines and especially for the most recent Jaguar-Land Rover engines that require JLR.51.5122 formulated with fully synthetic and environmentally friendly mid SAPS lubricant technology to maintain the efficiency of exhaust gas after treatment systems and to deliver fuel economy.

PETRONAS Syntium 7000 LL 0W-20 is suitable for all types of vehicles requiring API SN and/or ACEA A1/B1 or C5 SAE 0W-20 engine oil including latest high performance cars fitted with emission control devices, electronically injected and/or multi-valve technology engines, turbochargers or superchargers operating under most severe conditions. The oil is also compatible with the use of biofuels.

The experience gathered by PETRONAS on the F1 circuits and most important motoring events and competitions has enabled the development of PETRONAS Syntium; a range of hi-tech lubricants capable of meeting the needs of new generation engines – both on track and on the road.

Note: Always consult your owner’s manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle.



  • Excellent fuel economy.
  • Excellent engine protection at all driving conditions.
  • Exceptional thermal stability, able to combat high temperature induced oxidation.
  • Superior engine deposits and wear reduction, hence delivers maximized engine responsiveness.
  • Instant start up lubrication – minimizes friction and start-up wear.



This product is unlikely to present any significant health and safety hazards when used in the recommended application. Avoid contact with skin. Wash immediately with soap and water after skin contact. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.