PETRONAS Urania 1000 NGV 15W-40

PETRONAS Urania 1000 NGV 15W-40

Designed for combating oil oxidation for CNG or LPG Commercial Vehicles


PETRONAS Urania 1000 NGV 15W-40 is formulated with advanced lubricant technology that ensures excellent control over nitration - reaction of the oil with gaseous NOx created combustion in natural gas four stroke diesel engines. This helps provide excellent resistance to oil oxidation, delivering durability to engine life. 

PETRONAS Urania 100 NGV 15W-40 is suitable for most types of four stroke gas-fueled (CNG or LPG) engines, as well as two stoke diesel engines. It is ideal for buses and trucks that seek cost competitive supply of engine oils suitable for use in heavy duty gas-fueled engines. 

Note: Always consult your owner's manual to check recommended viscosity grade and specifications for your particular vehicle. 



  • Improved nitration resistance, effectively preventing oil oxidation to deliver more durable engine life. 
  • Improved protection to engine valve especially in gas-fueled diesel engine, where valves are normally not lubricated, hence preventing unplanned breakdowns. 
  • Reduced harmful deposit formation for improved engine cleanliness, hence delivering efficient fleet operation and reduced downtime cost. 
  • Minimizes acidic compounds, helps providing protection against bearing corrosion. 



This product is unlikely to present any significant health and safety hazards when used in the recommended application. Avoid contact with skin. Wash immediately with soap and water after skin contact. Do not discharge into drains, soil or water.