It’s truism that to win you need be not only the best, but also the quickest. Nobody embodies that better than PETRONAS Lubricants International, and that’s why the company is inviting the public to take part in a mighty challenge. In view of the upcoming Emilia-Romagna Formula One Grand Prix, the task is to answer five questions related to motorsports and lubricants, in the shortest time possible. The prize? Each day a series of exclusive PETRONAS-TEAM Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS 2020 branded gift.

Santena (Turin) 28 October 2020 - For the third time this year, Formula One is to alight in Italy. As ever in motorsport, the winner in Imola on 1 November will be the quickest and the bravest. It’s a simple premise, and it’s hardwired into the DNA of the sport. With that in mind, Petronas, from its Italian EMEA headquarters, had developed a unique contest. The Imola PETRONAS Challenge is an invitation to Formula One enthusiasts in the Bel Paese to test not only their knowledge of the sport, but also the speed of their responses.

The PETRONAS Challenge will be live from 28 October, for 14 days through to 10 November. On the dedicated site petronaschallenge.it it will be possible, once a day, to try your hand at answering five questions. They pertain to: PETRONAS Syntium, the story and idiosyncrasy of Formula One, the Imola circuit and team Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS. Those who respond correctly qualify for a daily leader board, based on the speed of their responses. The winner – which is to say the fastest – will be awarded a Mercedes-AMG Petronas 2020 lightweight padded jacket. The rest, from the runner-up down to the 21st placed finisher, will each receive a pair of PETRONAS sunglasses.

The challenge will be promoted on the PETRONAS Syntium Italy Facebook and Instagram pages. The objective is to engage with the vast community of Formula One fans and motor sport enthusiasts, testing their Formula One mettle and stimulating their passion for engine-based technology.

The Imola PETRONAS challenge once more underlines PETRONAS’ commitment to Formula One. At each and every Grand Prix the company is trackside with its mobile laboratory, equipped with the most sophisticated technology and manned by two PETRONAS engineers. They monitor and analyse the performance of the fluids from opening practice on Tuesday, right through to the race itself.

Very obviously, this sort of activity needs both precision and fast response times. They’re the same qualities which underpin the Imola PETRONAS Challenge, a “virtual” challenge offering genuine prizes each and every day. It’s a mix of entertainment, competition and perfect performance which will reward, for each of its 14 rounds, the quickest and the bravest. In that sense it represents the perfect metaphor for Formula One in general, and the six-year winning partnership which is Team Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS in particular.

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