With the Imola Formula One Grand Prix, the partnership between PETRONAS Lubricants International and Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS reaches 104 victories between 2010 and 2020, wins its 7th in a row constructor title and continues to grind out an extraordinary sequence of numbers.

Santena (Turin - Italy), 11th November 2020 - The next Formula One appointment, scheduled for Istanbul (Turkey) Circuit on Sunday 15th November, is fast approaching. After overtaking "record man" Michael Schumacher’s victory tally, for Lewis Hamilton and the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Team it's time to face new challenges and still increase the palmarès in a sport which is defined by numbers. This has been a compelling evidence that tells a story of unending success.


A number for the ages: Double Six… almost 7

Six, it goes almost without saying, are the current consecutive victories achieved in both the Drivers 'and Constructors' World Championships. They constitute a unique achievement of which PETRONAS, as Title Partner, is immensely proud of. The company delivers cutting-edge, customized PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™, that is co-designed in close collaboration with the Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains (HPP) technical team. And the legend continues: in Turkey, Hamilton could be able to transform it in a double 7!


The five on the track: 53 -104 – 116 – 201 - 213

Of course, it is on the track that weekend after weekend, the numbers accumulate. In so doing, they tell the tale of a uniquely successful partnership which accounts for 53 podium one-twos and 104 Grand Prix wins. On top of that, a total of 116 pole positions, 201 front-row starts, and an astonishing 213 podium finishes. These figures are unequivocal, and in every single Grand Prix all around the world, the PETRONAS Trackside Laboratory is ever-present and fully operational to ensure the team that competitive edge to win. From Tuesday preceding the race, right through to the chequered flag, it closely monitors the fluids’ behaviours and performance. It is synonymous with efficiency, performance and reliability of the very highest level that are evident in every single race.


Thinking Big: Millions… and billions

On the track itself, the PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™ suite generates a series of numbers which are simply staggering. Recording a total of over than 3.9 million gear changes, over 13 million corners taken, and 3.2 billion fuel injections. These astounding figures perfectly articulates the perfect efficiency of PETRONAS Primax fuel, the extraordinary performance of PETRONAS Syntium engine oil and the complete reliability of PETRONAS Tutela functional fluids.


The winning percentage: Fifty… and then some

The Mercedes AMG F1 M11 EQ Performance Power unit is one of the most efficient combustion engines ever built. Thanks to the contribution of PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™, it can count on thermal efficiency values in excess of fifty per cent.


From the track to the road: 750 and beyond…

Over 750 potential PETRONAS fluids have been developed and tested in collaboration with the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One Team between 2010 and the present day. Thanks to this commitment, PETRONAS engineers have been able to work on over ten new products destined for use on the road. Amongst them are fuels, motor oils and functional fluids, and collectively they provide evidence of the crossover between track research and development, and everyday road usage.


The fantastic three: the essence of Inner Cool

PETRONAS Syntium: Formulated to excel in extreme operating conditions, PETRONAS Syntium engine oil with °CoolTech™ technology enabled Lewis Hamilton to conclude 100 per cent of his 2019 races, maintaining his famous Inner Cool.

PETRONAS Tutela: The PETRONAS Tutela transmissions functional fluids are fundamental in protecting the "hidden heroes" of the engine. They do so by providing greater cooling efficiency, and thus counteract the accumulation of heat generated by the Energy Recovery System.

PETRONAS Primax: The Silver Arrows’ fuel is formulated with a combustible base, personalized with selected chemical elements and eco-sustainable components. It guarantees a smooth, responsive and efficient ride.

Over the three days of track activity at each Grand Prix, an average of 65 samples of engine lubricant and 30 transmission fluids are taken. In addition to those taken for spot checks, a total of around 200 oil tests are performed over the weekend, which results in the PETRONAS Trackside Fluid Engineers collecting more than 30 fuel samples. The fuel and lubricant development program which PETRONAS has undertaken since 2010 has led the Mercedes-AMG PETRONAS Formula One team to a series of extraordinary successes. It’s been instrumental in creating a cycle of absolute domination which is unparalleled in the history of the sport. And the numbers? They simply confirm it.

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