Autopromotec Bologna, Italia 22-26 Maggio 2019


Bologna, 22-23 May 2019 – On Wednesday 22 and Thursday 23 May 2019, PETRONAS Lubricants International will welcome visitors and experts at stand A6 in Hall 28, presenting the latest news and information on some ranges of products presented for the first time at Autopromotec 2019.



Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 with CoolTech™ technologySyntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 with CoolTech™ technology

Among the products from the Syntium range that will be on display at Autopromotec 2019, includes PETRONAS Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20, formulated with CoolTech™. PETRONAS’ CoolTech™ technology effectively absorbs and transfers overheating by adjusting temperature and protect the engine from heat-related damage and loss of performance.

Because of itscharacteristics, PETRONAS Syntium 7000 Hybrid 0W-20 is a lubricant for all types of cars, and suitable for petrol-electric hybrid vehicles and high-performance engines equipped with emission control devices, fuel injection, multi-valves and turbochargers or superchargers operating under most severe conditions.


Glassdoc logoPETRONAS and Glassdoc: a partnership for the benefit of motorists

From today, with the agreement between PETRONAS and Glass Doc, the replacement of the windows (with lifetime warranty on the assembly), repair of chippings, application of approved darkening films and rain-proof treatment of windscreens for better visibility and greater security is at hand thanks to the presence of 1,400 PETRONAS workshops throughout Italy.

Glass Doc’s commitment to reducing the environmental impact through the recovery and recycling of all waste materials is a further point in common with PETRONAS, which last year allocated three quarters of its research and technology investments to the study of innovative solutions to reduce CO2 emissions.


PETRONAS Iona GDAPETRONAS Iona: PETRONAS’ electric mobility

PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI) enters the electric vehicle (EV) fluids market with the PETRONAS iona range that includes specific electric vehicles lubricants.

PETRONAS iona is the response to the ever-changing world of mobility with specific fluids for Electric Vehicles. The 2 fluids launched are designed to challenge the status quo and deliver optimized performance and component durability for today’s E-Transmissions, both integrated and non, where the electric motor is either in intimate contact or mechanically sealed from the gearbox lubricant.


PETRONAS Tutela Lubricants RangeNew range of PETRONAS Tutela lubricants

The PETRONAS Tutela range consists of lubricating fluids with high technological content designed to protect transmission, axle and differential components, which, together with the cooling and the hydraulic systems play a fundamental role in guaranteeing the proper functioning and safety of a vehicle.

These systems are considered as “Hidden Heroes“, because their role in an engine is less evident, even though they undergo the same continuous and intense mechanical stress as other parts of the engine. Adequate protection and lubrication is always required for these parts to operate in full efficiency. PETRONAS Tutela with its range of functional fluids works alongside the “Hidden Heroes” while respecting the specifications imposed by the manufacturers and helping to extend the useful life of the vehicles.


PETRONAS Etro + StandPETRONAS ETRO+: the base oil for a sustainable mobility and a cleaner future

ETRO+ is a true evolution able to bring ETRO branded fluids to a new level entering Group III+, a group of high quality base oils that promotes fuel efficiency and the reduction of CO2 emissions.

PLI supports the drive to address the climate challenge through the development of emissions reducing fluid technologies and unique base oils such as ETRO+.


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