Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 26 March 2020 – PETRONAS Lubricants International (PLI), a wholly owned subsidiary of PETRONAS, today launched its first app, the PETRONAS Lubricants Toolbox, for iOS and Android tablet devices.

In PLI’s maiden venture to break through the digital app space, the user-friendly PETRONAS Lubricants Toolbox app demonstrates PLI as a Fluid Technology Partner capable of providing innovative solutions, going beyond primarily supplying lubricant fluids across the globe.

Available for free, the PETRONAS Lubricants Toolbox offers valuable information for those working in industrial sectors on the PLI range of lubricants such as product properties, technical data sheets, OEM performance levels, product performance hierarchies and associated benefits from trading-up and product comparisons. For user convenience, the app is available for use both online and offline.

“The PETRONAS Lubricants Toolbox is altering the way industry players research and compare PLI lubricants to suit their specific industrial plant needs. Our unique app is not only free and user-friendly, but its crafted specially for plant operators to optimize the total cost of ownership while reducing unforeseen downtimes through e-tools like the lubricant consumption analyser and more”, said PLI Global Distributor Marketing Lead, Silvano Berardo.

Download the PETRONAS Lubricants Toolbox

The lubricant consumption analyser e-tool available in the app is used to benchmark against industry standards and identify any deviations to help plant operators identify where they should focus improvement efforts to reduce consumption and costs in their business. The app also boasts an animated and interactive virtual tour of several industrial plants where PLI products are used.

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