PETRONAS launches a collection of specialist fluids for vehicles’ “Hidden Heroes” in Brazil


PETRONAS Lubricants International launched the new PETRONAS Tutela range of driveline fluids designed to defend a vehicle’s performance-critical, but often overlooked, auxiliary systems. . The event was graced by Lewish Hamilton. Also present were PLI customers, PLI Chief Technology Officer Eric Holthusen, PLI Head of Americas Guilherme De Paula and members of the media.

The premium collection of fluids is engineered with the same technology behind the fluids protecting the driveline of FIA Formula One™ World Champion Driver*, Lewis Hamilton’s Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Motorsports Formula One power unit.

A vehicle has a number of vital, performance-critical systems that are often overlooked. We call them the “Hidden Heroes” – the Transmission, Braking, Cooling, Bearings and Hydraulics. We are the only manufacturer championing them in such a focused, determined way, because when it comes to a vehicle’s performance, every system matters.

Giuseppe D’Arrigo, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS Lubricants International

Complex, and performing very precise movements under continuous pressure at high temperatures, the transmission is the very definition of a “Hidden Hero”. The new PETRONAS Tutela range of transmission fluids is designed to support and withstand tremendous operating pressures, maximising fuel efficiency as well as vehicle performance, and extending the working life of the engine’s moving parts. PETRONAS Tutela is initially being delivered through a technically advanced collection of over 30 transmission fluids, engineered to meet the specific needs of light and heavy commercial vehicles, passenger cars and industrial equipment.

The fluids were developed and tested at the state-of-art PETRONAS Global Research & Technology Centre in Turin, Italy, where collaborative research and development of advanced, customised fluids for the driveline are carried out in partnership with Original Engine Manufacturers (OEM). As part of the PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™, PETRONAS Tutela is tested in the toughest motorsport environment by four-time Formula 1 World Constructors’ Champions, Mercedes AMG PETRONAS Motorsport.

PETRONAS Tutela, Hidden Heroes

Following the global success of our premium engine oil, PETRONAS Syntium with °CoolTech™, PETRONAS Tutela further testifies our commitment to technology and the PETRONAS Fluid Technology Solutions™ approach of co-engineering race-winning products tested on the track for users on the road.

Giuseppe D’Arrigo, Group Managing Director and Chief Executive Officer of PETRONAS Lubricants International

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